They call it COVID 19


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possibly got scammed by a medical company i trusted with handling my pcr tests after entering the country
trying to scam them back, will report on the situation tomorrow, hopefully there is no 3k fine coming up
quick update:
1. took a flight back to london a little more than a week ago, ordered the obligatory pcr test kit from medicspot ltd - you're supposed to do a test on the 2nd and 8th day of quarantine
2. did the day two test, results a day late or so, but I guess it's ok
3. day 7, no post
4. day 8, no post still, heavy concerns. when I looked into my purchase history it said travel kit: day 2 test. essentially thought I'm buying two while it was one test for 170 quid or so, looked at some other options later and seemed like two tests cost 200 ish if you get both at the same time.
5. email still mentions the day 8 test even though it's not on the purchase list.
6. well fuck, I might as well hit up the customer support and see what they say
7. no access to any contact subpage whatsoever from their website, you actually need to guess and put in url slash contact as the address, this company seems even sketchier
8. the customer service chatbox looks like something that appears on a torrent website telling you there's young widows in your area trying to fuck
9. putting on an act I still haven't received my day 8 test while I have no idea whether I've actually bought it or not
10. becky (pictured) says she got in touch with operations (whatever that means) and they'll ship my order the same day/night

11. got to know from another consultant that apparently it was handed to royal mail later on, still no proof of that whatsoever, think I'm being inverse reverse scammed
12. still was not sure what's going to happen the next morning, be it a call from gov uk telling me I got fined for three grand or the bloody nose spatula thing might arrive
13. got the tracking number this morning with an email from them saying they sent me... an empty parcel..?

TLDR a lot of the sketchy government-verified PCR testing websites are as much of a scam as they would seem, one should be rather careful while travelling


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if this goes on like this I might soon stand alongside to @mixed_biscuits claiming we're getting pandemic scammed by the government
second thought: the above and covid being a threat are not by any means exclusive


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to be fair that's the case for all medicines in south asia. constant discussions about which pharmacies are selling real medicines and which are selling fakes.
Hello Shakahislop
where are you , in S Asia ?
Am curious to hear what's on around you ...
wishing you well

Mr. Tea

Shub-Niggurath, Please

The study found that in the United States, a little more than 905,000 people have died of COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic. That is almost 40 percent higher than the 561,594 deaths estimated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

I think this may end up killing a million Americans.


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Well there it is ... 1 million US dead ... Chava, Droid, Tea i will not be surprised.

India cases cont. to explode
In 2 days over 20k sign petition against holding Olympics @ Tokyo
( Otomo knew the deal circa "Akira" )
Nepal Everest Base Camp has COVID cases

Back when i did TV scoring one of the gigs was to do music for NY Science Times
on the last Flu's , what was called Spanish Flu.
That shit was deadly yeah, and they didn't know really what to do.
Instilled a certain ... respect for ' the big one that was to come '
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Hehe Van , didn't know he had gotten this way

" Morrison’s longstanding sense of distrust – the result of some dubious contracts he signed in the 1960s – long ago calcified into aWeltanschauung in which everyone was lying, with the exception of a certain Northern Irish singer. He’s sounded like a conspiracy theorist before – on 2005’s They Sold Me Out, he averred that being “sold out for a few shekels” was “the oldest story that’s ever been told”; “brainwashed the suckers again and perpetrated the myth,” he sang on 2008’s School of Hard Knocks, “propaganda far and wide” – but on Latest Record Project Volume 1, the sheeple are truly awoken."

"everybody's lying"