Invisible Sounds all over your radio tomorrow - Thurs 22nd from 1600


Seems we fucked up cos tomorrow our monthly pre-recorded show on Threads goes out at 1700 - 1900 on Threads* - the right hand player on the link below

No guests this month, just Idle and Lizatron playing a weird and moody all over the place kinda set. Hypnotic grinding heavy, rushed and in the red,, featuring a few old favourites and one borrowed from DJ Wrongspeed too.

But we also agreed to be on East Side Radio LIVE from Arroz Studios from 1600 - 1800 oops....

So you pays your money and you takes your choice I guess.....


last three tracks have been really nice
& i like that little 1/2 dance you just did there


that was super - really nice to watch you playing live rather than tuning in for a pre-recorded mix
It was nice... you can't see from there but a lot of random friends turned up.... kinda blinking into the light, first time outside in months.