UK Techno "Lightning Swords of Death" 1989-1995


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More 1991 magic, barking dog rabies amphetamine psychosis funk. This is hardcore, def not 'intelligent' techno. that period between 90 and 91 when techno was still a rave sound - to be reunited somewhat in 93 is the essence really.

This is such a mad sound. Rave machine funk. Ubik way ahead here. This sound is getting hot again, all the hipster Italians in Berlin are doing this now.

Here's a later Ubik track from the first EP I bought by him ('95). This is acid trance mind you, but he does it quite well :


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This just slightly at the tail end of the OP timespan. Obviously this guy together with Cristian Vogel and a couple others started making waves on the contintental circuit in the end 90's (and did save techno from Millsian tedium at least for a couple years). I guess this it what goes as "bonkers techno"



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Agro - Only Those Who Attempt The Impossible Will Achieve The Absurd ( 1995 )

Acid overdose - the sound of squat party acid techno rave taken beyond its logical conclusion by the ACAB crew

A soundtrack to trying to get up the stairs of some abandoned warehouse, gently stepping over army surplus clad bodies slumped in pools of their own vomit from the cocktail of Special Brew, Special K, and who knows what else, only to enter a huge space with ten zombies swaying out of time to an out of phase sound system..

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playlist is up to page 2, so far the black dog ones are my faves. their good at the percussion breakdowns aren't they.