A Better World?


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1599: Shakespeare writes Hamlet's eggs and makes the world laugh
1642: The civil war in England ends in laughter


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1903: Gender wars devastate Europe: British men take refuge in Italy and Spain
1972: Surrender of America, last male stronghold, to the international feminist federation


Cat Malogen
I fucked up real bad

  • Einstein finalizes the Theory of Everything, explaining all the physical laws [CHANGED]​

  • Creation of portable nuclear fusion weapons capable of devastating entire cities [CREATED]​

  • The 1st world war, assisted by tanks generating mini black holes, devastates Europe [CHANGED]​

  • Discovery of the Fractal World: a habitable world superimposed on our reality [CHANGED]​

  • International pact concerning the exploration of the Fractal World[CREATED]​

  • Colonization of Quantiqua, the first quantum world [CHANGED]​

  • Discovery of the Theory of Alteration: on Quantiqua, it is possible to modify the physical laws[CREATED]​

  • War on Quantica between America and Russia [CHANGED]​

  • Emergence of the Quantum Gods[CREATED]​

  • Reign of the Quantum Gods over the world [CREATED]​

  • Transcendence of Humanity [END OF MANKIND]​



Write 3-4500 words about utopia and win a flight to Beirut
not even joking, sounds quite good actually