Invisible Sounds on Threads* Radio today (Thurs 20th May) 1700 - 1900


This month our heroes are joined by Puke and Peas, partners in misery and music, whether DJ-ing or dealing records Lisbon’s inseparable duo carry you away on psychedelic waves of synth rock and kraut pop. And then Lizatron and IdleRich follow with more of the same but different.

As every it's the black button on the right that says Threads*



And the mix is online and available to listen to here..... the first hour is Puke and Peas.... the second hour is Liza and me's.

And it's great timing, cos this weekend they are letting us out of the house and on to those turning tables at Lisbon's greatest newish bar Cosmos. We are feeling our way back gradually..... the venue capacity is slashed brutally down to a maximum of thirty and it finishes at 2230.... but it's the first night of our monthly residency. The capacity will get larger and the nights will run later and the guests will come from farther afield, until it finally starts to look like a world that some of you may remember from deeeep in the mists of time.
I don't think any of you lot live here so it's barely worth mentioning..... which is a shame cos it really is a nice place and is shaping up to be quite a bit of fun.

Invisible Sounds is Liza Tron and Idle Rich, Together they have Dj'd in the UK, Russia, Germany, NL and of course Lisbon.
Now based here (by which I mean Lisbon) they begin a residency at killer new spot Cosmos giving them a chance to go further out than ever before in terms of post-wave neo-ist krautrockaibilly.
Each month they will bring a like-minded guest to aid them in this noble quest.
The first guest is stalwart of the Lisbon scene Pedro Beça who has been resident at Lounge for 12 years as well as spinning at places such as Lux and Damas in Lisbon and also in Porto and Coimbra. Get ready for some deep dug gems exquisitely combined.
Free entry.
Mask is mandatory.
Socially distanced capacity is but 30 souls on this occasion so you had best get there good and early eh

And I see a very red dramatic sky giving an extremely serious warning to all you shepherds out there

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1 st hour is Puke and Peas
Clara Mondshine - Raga des Aufgehenden Planeten
Jean-Luc - Inspiration
Rudolf Abramov - Rachmana Litzlan
The Exorcist GBG - Pusher
Alexis Le-Fan - Sondrio
Rudolf Abramov - King Kong
Automatic - Too Much Money
Trees Speak - Those Who Know
CV Vision - Der böse Schamane Fontän - Sen Sen No Sen
Fumaça Preta - Amor-Tece-Dor
Black Deer - Baseball Shorts
Modern Ruin - Tense Soup
Puke Ellington - Shu
2nd hour Lizatron and IdleRich
Sensational Alex Harvey Band – Faith Healer (extract)
Gost - Arise
Leather Rats – A Marauding Gang of Seaside Mods
Marlene Stark – Hungry as a Hunter
Lumerians – Burning Mirrors
Ann Haigis – Feuilleton Ballade
Minami Deutshe – Futsu Ni Ikirenai
Richard Bone – Mutant Wisdom
Vector Lovers – Electrobotik Disco
Zahn – Ich Bin Zornig
Fareed – Nord
Neuicide - NEUicide


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that's cool to see the sensational alex harvey band for your opener, i like that tune they've got "the hammer" where it has this really loud second intro.


I don't know the band that well to be honest and here I just kinda took ten seconds from that song cos it followed on well from the end of what they did.


Yeah they are Scottish, dunno what style exactly... maybe glam elements but also sort of a hint towards prog perhaps.