Who are the working class?


Wild Horses
Sounds like the time is ripe for a grim 2020s reworking of this comedy classic.

"I'll get you, Walshy!"


θερμοδυναμικός καπιταλιστής

Bureau of Labor Statistics, under the DoL, posted this about August labor stats

The number of quits increased in August to 4.3 million (+242,000). The quits rate increased to a series high of 2.9 percent. Quits increased in accommodation and food services (+157,000); wholesale trade (+26,000); and state and local government education (+25,000). Quits decreased in real estate and rental and leasing (-23,000). The number of quits increased in the South and Midwest regions. (See table 4.)

Interesting to watch what becomes of this. Also the IATSE strike, which I understand is still looming and not in effect, but I could be behind the facts here.