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East Side Radio have this thing where each month they pick one of their regular djs and ask them to write about something for a news letter. You only have a very limited number of words and topics are getting more and more restricted but anyway Lizatron wrote about K Records and her favourite cover too (and it has a naked woman on it lads so you may want to start there!) and I picked a load of krautbangers I liked. It's fairly basic stuff really (toilet or queue reading is what Tiago specifically wants it to be) but you may want to check it.



Beast of Burden
I thought this was going to be a regular item where you give us updates about you radio show peppered with vignettes from your DJ lifestyle and photographs of your lunch.


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Where's a good place to start with the make up. I like Ian svenonius as a writer but not listened to nation of ulysses or make up.
well the best place for me was seeing them at manchester academy in 1996 but their first two albums, After Dark and Destination Love: Live at Cold Rice, I still find pretty flawless. never got into NOU


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had a listen to destination love over the weekend, really good. would've been good to see em live. all that call and response sounds like a laugh