Invisible Sounds on Threads* Radio Thurs 1700-1900


Cosmos is Lisbon’s best new spot, supporting underground and experimental artists, much of this due to the influence of their founder, curator and resident DJ, our guest Ricardo Grussl, an enthusiast and collector who has turned in an hour of suitably leftfield invisible sounds… which Lizatron and IdleRich followed up with their own craziness, increasing the pressure just a little towards the end.
As usual we are on the Threads* player in the black box, nor the boring old Threads one with no star in the white box.



I love this picture of our man Ricardo, he looks really cool and handsome, in many ways he reminds me of myself - though not in terms of looks or composure.



And the tracklist


First 55 mins Ricardo Grussl

Finis Africae - Carauari
João de Bruço / R.H. Jackson - Pântano
Bob Moses / Billy Martin - Temprest Sandstorm
The Sacred Sawdust Ring - Phillip & The Magnets from Europa
Peter Scherer & Arto Lindsay - Sirens
Sebastian Melmoth - Prosopagnosia
Kënnlisch - Chevauchee
David Cunningham - Blue River
Frank Suchland - Schnee
Liquid Liquid - Eyes Sharp
Mahjun - Les Enfants Sauvages
Minimal Compact - Too Many Of Them
The Joy Of Disease - Euphoria Passing (Demo)

From 56 min IdleRich and Lizatron take over as follows

Vox Populi – Delome
Delroy Edwards and Dean Blunt – DS1
Modern Ruin – Hold
Exorcist GBG – Morpheus Rising
Watkins Screamers – She Said
Mickey Pearson – Bumpy Chuckles
With Oud – Disco Haram
Cave Paintings - 4x
Rebelledo – Pritaya Frenesi
? – track three