Rolling Archaeology Thread


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just read a line in robert graves' white goddess' where he references "The Great Flood"

"The Goddess was Ariadne, ('Most Holy',) alias Alpheta - alpha and eta being the first and last letters of her name. She was the daughter, or younger self, of the ancient Cretan Moon-Goddess Pasiphae, 'She who shines for all', and the Greeks made her a sister of their ancient vine-hero Deucalion, who survived the Great Flood."


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is that archaeology or paleontology?
I'd say archaeology can generalize to apply here, overlapping with paleontology.

Unless there is a consensus among archaeologists that their biological scope is limited to certain (i.e. human) findings, which I doubt.


θερμοδυναμικός καπιταλιστής
I think of archaeology most generally as probing the past via its leftovers, but then again I'm totally ignorant about how actual archaeologists would define their field.


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To be fair, like Kodwo Eshun described music journalism, archeology is a devotional act that includes a vow of poverty.