What did I miss?


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everyone left. polystyle made a good list of tunes. I told a hilarious excerpt about shitting in the desert

I once got a surprise case of the shits in the middle of the texas desert on a hike with my girlfriend. The only available wipe was a bandana given to her by her grandfather who had worn it during his stint in Vietnam. Now it's caked with shit buried in a shallow grave of sand somewhere along the border.


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oh and an album of sorts was made by users here and it was pretty good
Tracklist according to how it was broadcasted on 26th May:

Mix link (keep in mind it misses the last three tunes on the list):

01 PeteUM - African Nostalgia Acid
02 chava - ScandinavianSubtropical_StandByMe
04 xylitol - maplin syrup
06 woebot - The Black Interior Light
07 XIYrd - Dancer Dust / Dissensus Gardens
08 Arthur Brick - Salt Shaker
09 mvuent - ZEIRAM
10 gremino - Cyber Slug
11 Mr. Tea - Poppies Ina Babylon
12 MB - Wooze
13 polystyle - 10 O'clock Ops
14 Dusty - Pagan
15 Kenosist - Burnt Out Shell of a Burnt Out Shell
16 nadziej, - per
17 Glitchform x Kenosist - Modern Monetary Facia
18 PeteUM - The Milton Arms
19 other_life - space jam 2k21


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I got a student membership at Oto to buy a few books but then caught COVID and I cannot be arsed to pay for the shipping since it's physically 20min away.