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tbf its almost impossible to get out of liberal thinking. eg its impossible to not beleive in the sacred soverign individual becasue the all important individual is ME


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There have been a few recent examples where junking the individual has not worked out very well. That gave liberalism a boost.


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What distinguishes a neoliberal from a liberal?
From what I understand, neoliberalism is set of economic opinions that the government should support the economy, whereas liberalism, economically speaking, seems to be associated with a more hands-off approach.

But that liberalism isn't what we usually mean by liberalism. We mean a sort of blend between cultural/social liberalism that is expressed through policy, framable as either welfare mentality or as plain sympathy, depending on where you stand.

But yeah neoliberalism tends to entail a "state better not touch my wealth" stance, once you boil away the academia. As @suspended said, they aren't leftists.

That said, I see great promise in the theory as I understand it. I just think the state should also incentivize the 1% to invest in the 99%.

edit: I would presently describe myself as liberal culturally and neoliberal economically, with some working caveats naturally.
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Is it specific to liberals or is it just people in general and liberalism happens to be the dominant ideology?
Really I just thought it was a funny comment. I don't see why it couldn't be said about other ideologies, apart from some conservative parties that advocate small governments and therefore would dread a global government, in principle.