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Great spot with some nice local lore. Thanks Willy

Guess I don't have many from vidya games in general, so I'll add 1v1, PVP, final boss, DPSing, grinding, last man standing, noob, open vs closed world, ragequit, respawn, underpowered/overpowered

Maybe "whale" tho I think it's from gambling—someone who spends a lot, so you make a lot of money off them

Gonna throw on game-changer, two can play at that game, don't play games with me


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my dad used to say,a lot, life is a game of choice and consequence. which i think is correct. so i say it too


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Youve never heard 'screwed the pooch?'

As in 'corpsey really screwed the pooch posting his face here so often'