Where Toxic Masculinity meets Manlove


Cat Malogen
In peacetime prior to raving, a home or away football mission was a true test of man group friendship and loyalty

An away day carried more risks, but it also offered more time on a shed of a coach hearing about mother-in-laws, health concerns (elders and their piles) and seeing how much alcohol/pub-dust your system could take. You had to be able to crack a Hun, move quickly AND sing. What other form of gnosis was there?

In the same way James Baldwin spoke of art being a total risk, of everything, of you, so football initiated its own total risk of everything, as a consistent test of brotherhood set among the dead-eyed commuter world and all its feelings

Prior to Covid, they were letting teenage girls in. Fuckin nonce disgrace


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you need to go out with fey aesthetes verge theres whole fields of masculine bonding youre missing out on
One of my best friends and more or less the only person I can talk to irl about books, films and whatnot is actually one of the worst, most laddish drunks I've ever met. A proper "rip your shirt off and start smashing stuff, chanting, singing etc" drunk.
yeah everyone in the uk is like that limbuger, they're all mandated to turn into the most grotesque obnoxious drunks possible regardless of what they're like the rest of the time. they're like werewolves.


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I hate masculinity. In Glasgow men want to bond with other men or build rapport/banter by asking which team you support and I have no answer. "Rangers? Celtic? I prefer Eurovision. Have you ever seen Beyonce's Homecoming?"

I can't stand things which code as disgusting. I remember being in school, maybe 7 or 8 years old, and the boys chasing each other with mud on a stick and calling it "joby finger," just feeling so alienated by the aesthetic. Why can't things be nice, clean, sophisticated?