attention all london dissensus


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mission accomplished, @woops. I thought it might be like herding cats but you pulled it off on short order with aplomb.


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luka last night except subtitle would be about poetry:


θερμοδυναμικός καπιταλιστής
will stans statement be published?
How nice to join you all, to be channelled through this speaker with undoubtedly enviable composure.

This sort of time can be a ripe time, as I'm sure you all know better than I.

Ripe for revelation.

An inner you breaks through an outer you. Impressions are made and felt and forgotten, but in the moment they may be savored, and perhaps a release may be had. A renewal.

I have probably made clear the high esteem in which I hold this little enclave, but again I assert it.

An attractor in the fray, a dimple in the fabric.

We hurdle through our marks in this fantastic theater, we carry on along our random walks, and at this moment, ours have led us here. To drink.

Here you all sit, stand, or occupy perhaps a more exotic arrangement of energy. Here I salute you, and urge you onward unto revelation.

Cheers, from the hegemon.