The importance of "bad" music/art


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The trailer's better than the film, but I thought the best bits were the two brothers fighting and the people wresting the chair.

i used to be so into this film, but I stopped keeping up with HK after julian donkey boy not sure why

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Sure we can all laugh but the fact is that this is about as good or better even than the majority of people could manage even if they trained for years

Brings up the issue of to what extent "difficulty" matters in terms of an artistic achievement. All that AI art you see now - obviously writing the algorithm to make that happen is tremendously complex and challenging, but one gets the impression that now it's just a matter of feeding some words into a machine and this incredibly detailed, rendered image popping out the other end.

Maybe that's a side issue though. Was interesting reading this thread again. And oh how I remember that day in regents park.
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Big screen version, rare treat. Max Perlich is one face who seems to appear in loads of different supporting roles, usually a grass type but he owns it (bit like Brad Dourif did with more mania)

lift but you know these 2 are full fap