Music Cults


sex should be unalloyed good and the complete conjunction of heaven and earth in one union of persons, it shouldn't be something you try to do Psychic Manipulation with


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I wish I could find the link to the tell-all about how G-PO was using the charged sigils to select young boys to have sex with Paula and peek through the spy hole


I once did a sigil and fuck all happened. But maybe a £5 million lottery win was a bit ambitious for someone who quit Ars Goetia at page 4.

I read a funny 'secret' pamphlet recently called "Babylonian Money Magick" but one of the exercises looks a bit too cringe to do.


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Oh mighty SHAMASH lord of the sun and giver of light and warmth to the earth. Thank you for giving me this day an increase in my financial fortunes.


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I don’t remember 50 Beck Road having easy access to an attic myself.

thanks for posting those

up north our vision was distorted through rumour and hearsay, refracted through the smudged and dirty cracked lens of the inky music press

but we knew the channel 4 documentary was pure crap, surprised that ever got aired

was quite drunk last night, fact checking wasn't top of my to do list, and banging my head on a cupboard door was due to impaired motor skills rather than any malevolent occult forces...
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A think tank once paid me to research the brew crew subculture and come up with a conclusion. Here's the result

This is like when someone once said to me that slowed down goa trance was like being strangled to death in a spider web of creeping elongated arpeggios whilst going down an endless flight of stairs in some reverbed abyss, which of course made it sound fucking good, not the utter dross it is. Cheers enjoyed that.


This film was on last night

those lads sure knew how to do a cult; suicides, murders, loads of burned churches, lots of plausibly deniable statements taken at face value, and most importantly music so appallingly unlistenable that it takes a huge leap of faith to commit to it...

& meanwhile we were all loading up on es and raving our little nuts off