songs you don't want to wake up in the middle of the night to

john eden

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anything off "Nature Unveiled" or "Dogs Blood Rising" by Current 93.

But don't get Matt started on all that again. ;)


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Shall we just say any Noise? True that some Merzbow, his later, digital, 'whiter' stuff can be massaging, as can Metal Machine Music. I guess any 'dynamic' Noise would not be a nice wake-up call.

And of course usually when questions like 'is there scary music?' comes up, the first stop-off point is usually the Coil/C'93/NWW axis. So this question should be:

songs that aren't british industrial that you don't want to wake up in the middle of the night to


id think that w/ the industrial/darkambientnoise circles you of course *would* want to hear this music in the middle of the night. since that's what you're supposed to do and stuff, that's the effect (though waking up in the middle of the night to anything is unpleasant enough i suppose).

i once woke up to a half-finished song i was working on which i had set on a loop before dozing off and was greeted with an immediate barrage of insecurities and self-criticisms.


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Well, Coil's 'Music to Play in the Dark'??!! I guess that could mean waking up to it after all! But there is a big different to dark ambient and industrial. Like i'd dig waking up to some low bass rumblings.

I once made a shimmering drone track and fell asleep next to it and saw my spirit manifested as a great Wolf on a high plain in the dream. Cool ;)


Incidentally, has anyone here ever woken up in the middle of a nightmare to 'You've Gotta Jive' by The Quads? It's a really strange albeit uplifting experience


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What's with the scary/noise stuff? I woudln't want to be woken up by anything in the middle of the night, f*** that, I need my sleep.


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Here's a new topic - music to submit someone to

What's the worst music you would want to submit someone to? Merzbow, NWW, TG and PTV are too easy to choose.

Good start with the Toto and Midnight Oil. May I add most radio-friendly "rock" made during the late '70's and '80's -- Night Ranger (yeah I know Boogie Nights, great, thanks PT Anderson for dragging Sister Christian back from the mists of oblivion to foist it on a public who like it for its "ironic" post-modern context), Journey, Styx, REO Speedwagon, Rush, etc., ad nauseum.

martin said:
Try Toto or Midnight Oil, the most agonising torture an insomniac could have at 3.45am