songs you don't want to wake up in the middle of the night to


childOftheBlogosphere said:
Well, Coil's 'Music to Play in the Dark'??!! I guess that could mean waking up to it after all! But there is a big different to dark ambient and industrial. Like i'd dig waking up to some low bass rumblings.

I once made a shimmering drone track and fell asleep next to it and saw my spirit manifested as a great Wolf on a high plain in the dream. Cool ;)

i used to have a habit of going to sleep to stuff like earth 3 by earth and thomas koners cold bassy gong drones stuff.
i've woken up after accidentally leaving a thomas koner cd on repeat and felt seriously odd, as i couldnt recognise it and wondered what the hell it was.

I used to try and bug my sister out when i was a kid by leaving a detuned long wave radio in her room feeding back before she woke up... a cruel trick.
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