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craner said no charity should b supported as they are taking the slack off govts who should be perfomring these same functions, retract funding now


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Should is a tough ask

If you look at the mental health sector, jfc. Even thinking about setting a new org up or reforming nhs provision is an extremely dry desert with few accomplices, the least of them money. Been looking at the Peaks for clients who really need a change of view/scene more than most, so you combine natural heritage of what’s left of the sweet parts of Britain and getting out of the city cheaply. Asked for 5k covering 5 summers with another org, out of bounds centre network and a veterans group. Got £200. What’s the point?

It’s getting to the degree where so many systemic errors and poor strategies have compacted, even implementing anything beyond a few days ahead with any degree of accuracy is impossible. Covid involved a lot of death but bed blocking is stacking up every bolt on service too. Negative feedback loop, pressure straight back on nhs

A lot of volunteer work is the charity shop old dears type listed elsewhere (@sadmanbarty on Kate Bush and the middle classes?). Museums too. Bunting lovers, bless. It’s like liaising with Mind for a client. Some offices are 150% grafters who deserve so much respect, others are utter, utter bedlam because every cunt has their shit compartmentalised. Hairy at times too, poor on-call security. People think they can hack it until it gets real on them fast

Social Care, what a prolapse and few of the Age Bracket Chair Lift crew know what exactly constitutes appalling care until it’s a relative or themselves stuck in a hoist all night because the night shift dropped a bollock and they still get charged for it. Sick nation constantly distracted from the truth
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