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After HC, the next best thing personally has been some of the electronic releases coming out of Iran from the last few years, specifically. So from as much as about

it needs bass, if anyone plays this through laptop/tablet without headphones I will bottle you


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Holger Czukay - Persian Love

a wee bit obvious, but no one else has posted it so I'm going to jump in..

i could post a bunch of versions of "Persian" by King Crimson side project "ProjeKct Six" but I'll spare you the endless noodling

there's also a rubbish dub by Scientist called "Iran Revolution" off the very dull and disappointing "World at War" LP, but I wouldn't want to sully the forum by posting a tune that even I don't have the patience to endure

there's also a "tune" on a Stockhausen's Stimmung LP called "AHURA-MAZDA" but I can't find it on youtube
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Cool list but a few omissions:

Think Wattie summed up the whole situation: "Ayatollah...let the hostages go/ayatollah...ya make me sick!"

If Carter had sent a load of skinheads down there, the Revolutionary Islamic Guards would have shit themselves.

Bit boring, but on point. Militant Barry also did a song comparing the Ayatollah to Hitler, but I can't find it.

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