Egypt and Alaa Abdel Fatah #freealaa


Since the revolution in Egypt 10 years ago, the military has become more and more brutal - this new HRW report is horrifying and made me think of my friend of a friend Alaa, who has been in the hands of the security services now for many years because of his blogging

> Yesterday (Monday), Alaa's family published a statement titled "Alaa's life is in danger. He says he has reached a breaking point".
> Alaa's situation is apparently very serious. The statement is heart-breaking. Given that his family decided to publish this statement (or rather a call for help) publicly on facebook and promote it via Twitter, they apparently want the world to know about this.


Statement by the family of Alaa Abd El Fattah:
Alaa's life is in danger. He says he has reached a breaking point!

On Sunday 12 September Laila Soueif, Alaa Abd ElFatah's mother, was at Tora prison complex to deliver supplies and letters to Alaa and to receive a letter from him. This is a weekly routine established since the arrest and imprisonment of his sister Sanaa on 23 June 2020. This time, however, the officer in charge informed her, without offering any explanation, that there was no letter from Alaa. After waiting for hours without any explanation, we opted for waiting till the next day, when Alaa was to appear in court for a review of his remand in custody, hoping to hear that what happened yesterday was a bureaucratic glitch. Instead, when we heard of what happened in court, and what Alaa told the judge and his lawyers we were struck with anger and panic.

Alaa was transferred today to the Institute of police sergeants in Tora in a separate private security convoy. Although he was held in a secluded cell -separating him from the rest of the prisoners - in the basement of the institute, he did not attend the hearing renewing his detention, and as soon as the session ended, they returned him to prison without presenting him to the judge or meeting with lawyers. After the lawyers insisted on seeing Alaa and explained the circumstances of what happened with his mother and our need to ensure that he is well, the judge ordered his presence, and it was done.

Alaa was surprised that the renewal of his detention took place and the session ended without him being present. He spoke about the continued violations against him in a Tora high-security prison 2, and his targeting by the National Security officer in charge there, and the failure of the prosecution to protect him and respond to his repeated reports and complaints. And he ended his words to the lawyers with a message to his mother, “Tell Laila Soueif to receive condolences for me”

Today, Alaa has been a prisoner in Tora High Security prison 2, pending emergency state security case 1356/2019, for almost 2 years, which is the maximum period of remand detention according to Egyptian law. It is expected that the case will be referred to court soon, because all indications confirm the state's insistence on continuing Alaa's detention indefinitely.
Alaa is held in a cell in a high-security prison, in very bad conditions since the night of his arrival in prison and the assault on him to this day. The severity - and the bluntness - of the violations practiced by the prison administration at Tora High Security prison 2 has increased exponentially in recent months towards all prisoners in general, and towards Alaa in particular, after we submitted more than one complaint against the prison warden, the head of prison investigations Wael Hassan, and the national security officer responsible for the prison, Walid Ahmed Al-Dahshan, known as “Ahmed Fekry” within Tora prisons.

All of the above, and bearing in mind that Alaa has been moving between the various Tora prisons since 2013 and the increasingly severe violations that he is forced to endure daily, under prison administrations that do not respect and are not subject to laws, a prosecution that completely ignores all our communications and SOS calls, and officers who are committed to continuing their crimes escalating the harm they are inflicting, is what drove him to this point we face today: the point where Alaa contemplates suicide.

We, Alaa's family, followed all available legal paths, appealed to all parties and officials, and used all means of peaceful protest to present our position and to demand an end to the targeting of the family and the abuse of its members, especially Alaa.

And now we find ourselves here: Alaa is in imminent danger, his mental health is failing after two years of careful planning and cruel implementation by the Ministry of Interior and National Security, and he sends a message to his mother to start receiving condolences for his death! His life is in danger, in a prison that operates completely outside the space of the law and in complete disregard of all officials, foremost the Public Prosecutor, the Minister of Interior, the Minister of Justice, and of course the President.

Save Alaa’s Life
Save the lives of the remaining members of our family
Stop Ministry of Interior crimes at Tora High security prison 2

Family of Alaa Abdel Fattah
13 September 2021


بيان من أسرة علاء عبد الفتاح: تدهور حالة علاء النفسية يهدد حياته!

توجهت أمس الأحد ١٢ سبتمبر ليلى سويف والدة علاء عبد الفتاح لسجن طرة لتسليم الطبلية الخاصة به (احتياجات وأكل) وجواب، وتسلم جواب منه يطمئن الأسرة على أحواله، وهو إجراء انتظم بشكل أسبوعي منذ القبض على شقيقته الصغرى سناء وحبسها في ٢٣ يونيو ٢٠٢٠. لكن فوجئنا بامتناع إدارة السجن عن تسليمنا جواب من علاء، وتركهم والدته تنتظر بالساعات دون تقديم أي توضيح أو معلومة تفسر الوضع وتطمئننا عليه.
انتظرنا لليوم التالي والمفترض فيه انعقاد جلسة نظر تجديد حبس علاء لعل المحامين يأتون بأخبار تطمئننا بأن منع التواصل مع علاء كان خطأ إداري أو لوجيستي وليس له أي دلالات أشد وطأة. لكن للأسف ما عرفناه عن ما حدث في الجلسة، وكلام علاء للقاضي والمحامين أصابنا بالغضب والهلع.

علاء تم نقله اليوم لمعهد الأمناء بطرة في مأمورية تأمين خاصة منفردة. ورغم وجوده في الحبسخانة -في زنزانة منعزلة تفصله عن باقي المساجين- في قبو المعهد، لم يحضر جلسة نظر أمر تجديد حبسه نفسها، وفور انتهائها أعادوه لمحبسه بدون عرضه على القاضي أو لقاءه المحامين. بعد تمسك المحامين برؤية علاء وشرح ملابسات ما حدث مع والدته وحاجتنا الاطمئنان عليه، طلب القاضي حضوره وتم بالفعل.
فوجئ علاء أن نظر تجديد حبسه تم وانتهاء الجلسة دون حضوره، فتكلم عن استمرار الانتهاكات بحقه في سجن شديد الحراسة ٢، وعن "استقصاد" ضابط الأمن الوطني له، وتخاذل النيابة عن حمايته والاستجابة لبلاغاته وشكواه المتكررة. وأنهى كلامه للمحامين برسالة لوالدته "قولوا لليلى سويف تاخد عزايا"

اليوم يقترب علاء من إنهاء سنتين سجن في شديد الحراسة ٢ بطرة على ذمة القضية ١٣٥٦/٢٠١٩ جنايات أمن دولة طوارئ، وهي المدة القصوى للحبس الاحتياطي طبقا للقانون المصري. متوقع احالة القضية للمحكمة قريبا لأن كل المؤشرات تؤكد اصرار الدولة على استمرار حبس علاء لأجل مفتوح. علاء محبوس في زنزانة بسجن شديد الحراسة ٢ في ظروف شديدة السوء منذ ليلة وصوله السجن والاعتداء عليه حتى يومنا هذا. وقد ازدادت حدة -وفجاجة- الانتهاكات التي تمارسها إدارة السجن بشديد الحراسة ٢ بشكل مضاعف خلال الشهور الأخيرة تجاه كل المساجين بشكل عام، وتجاه علاء بشكل خاص، بعد تقديمنا أكثر من بلاغ ضد مأمور السجن، ورئيس مباحث السجن وائل حسن، وضابط الأمن الوطني المسؤول بالسجن وليد أحمد الدهشان، والمعروف باسم أحمد فكري .

كل ما سبق، ومع الأخذ في الاعتبار أن علاء ينتقل بين سجون طرة المختلفة منذ عام ٢٠١٣ وتزداد حدة الانتهاكات التي يُفرض عليه التعايش معها يوميا، في ظل إدارات سجون لا تحترم ولا تخضع للقوانين و نيابة تتجاهل تماما كل بلاغاتنا واستغاثاتنا، وضباط متمسكين بالاستمرار في جرائمهم وتصعيد أذاهم ربما لدفعه لتلك النقطة تحديداً: النقطة التي يتحدث فيها علاء عن الانتحار.

نحن، أسرة علاء، سلكنا كل المسارات القانونية المتاحة، ناشدنا كل الجهات والمسؤولين، واستخدمنا كل سبل الاحتجاج السلمي لعرض موقفنا وقضيتنا والمطالبة بوقف استهداف العائلة والتنكيل بأفرادها وبالأخص علاء
والآن نجد أنفسنا هنا: علاء في خطر وشيك، صحته النفسية تتهاوى بعد سنتين من التخطيط المحكم والتنفيذ الدقيق من الداخلية والأمن الوطني، يبعث رسالة لوالدته أن تستقبل عزاه! حياته في خطر، في سجن يعمل تماماً خارج مساحة القانون وفي تجاهل تام من كل المسؤولين وعلى رأسهم النائب العام ووزير الداخلية ووزير العدل، ورئيس الجمهورية بالطبع.

أنقذوا حياة علاء
أنقذوا حياة من تبقوا من أسرتنا
أوقفوا جرائم الداخلية في سجن شديد الحراسة ٢ بطرة

أسرة علاء عبد الفتاح
١٣ سبتمبر ٢٠٢١


That HRW report details how people get "disappeared" by the security services, then a little while later they end up dead in a firefight (with no inconvenient survivors or police casualties)
Since they massacred 1000 people in broad daylinght in the streets in 2013 they behave with complete impunity, it's a tragic reversal of the Arab Spring revolution, things seem worse than under Mubarak now
Alaa's persecution pre-dates the massacre of the Islamists. the military coup and the revolution :(


Alaa was a blogger the same time that Matt. Mark, Luke and John were blogging, we all ended up here, he ended up with 15 years of suffering
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