Fast food


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yes that's true... but if they say "lamb" i think it means that the other ingredients are just onions and other stuff like that rather than eg beef, chicken, horse


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Grade A+++ muck

Used to be a chain called (please don’t stone me) Great British Burger in the late 70’s/early 80’s. Can’t be the only cunt to recall those. You could sit down with cutlery and order insanely large milkshakes. They disappeared as BK and other US chains grew. Dap in with 50p after school and share a dessert with a lass, like an adult, except all you did was hold hands and share a cigarette

You can’t grip cheap US bbq here (or gumbo), but just about everything else is covered except gravy and biscuits. The British would snort and start clawing at the ground in full wild boar mode if you suggested that biscuits and sausage gravy could be eaten together. If they witness colonials eating with no ceramic plates they get afraid and start smoking heavily, querying wtf has happened to society