Linebaugh does tattoos


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the nearest thing to a UK "rave tattoo" would be the mitsi tattoos some of the "gatecrasher" kids got in the late 90s ( mitsubishi's were a good e pill, so mind-warping that kids got stupid haircuts and listened to big room trance ) - gatecrasher was a club, so technically doesn't count as rave in the slightest


in je ogen waait de wind
dont post any more more pale skinny hairy thighs please i find it really upsetting
this is my problem with tattoo photos, they're always overexposed and focus on a certain body part so that they look like photos of serial killer victims that police detectives hang on their wall in order to find patterns.

though i have to say this one isn't even that bad and also this is not to say i don't like linebaughs tattoos!