thirdform has covid


I buy mail order from materia prima from time to time, including stuff on Favela Discos, and they both posted about the event on IG. plus, I think you mentioned something about playing in Porto.
Oh yeah I forgot they advertised it a bit with that barely legible poster.
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Ha ha nice find, what's the second post @Leo not sure I'm seeing it?
Was a really fun night anyhow, we turned up late cos we were still on it from the night before, plus the organiser guy wasn't answering his phone so it meant that we didn't know where it was or when we were on - as a result of this accidental prima dona style behaviour we forced our way up the bill and played the last two hours instead of in a rubbish slot at 5pm.
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I know we've crossed swords before m8, but I nonetheless hope you're soon well enough to get back to your customary activities of destroying Western civilization, subjecting craner to virtual robo-buggery, and - well - let's just say I have my suspicions about who's behind this: