Electricity - the disaster preparedness thread


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I'm not saying this stuff can't be done, I'm saying it would be a massive problem if something happened that meant it had to be.


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You can do all those things without electricity.

Granted they would look very different but actually none of them rely on electricity per se.

Only the versions of them as we currently know them do.

how well do you think hospital would run?
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look at this tech - almost unbelieveble but at the same time banally real
Compressed air batteries to store power
just about my favorite website

Has the feel of whole earth catalog? That approach was very much rip it up and start again, or at least think about it, which is a spirit I think we do need. We've gone down this very limited tech route.


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@catalog, how about we construct a giant treadmill wheel and have a thousand hampsters power it up so we can access bandcamp?

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UK shut down 80% of gas storage a few years ago, so now we have a few days in reserve.

A shift to renewables which don't really deliver at scale.

Russian gas diplomacy.

Electric vehicle demand.