Invisible Sounds on Threads 1700 -1900 Oct 7th


Our mix is on the radio in just under an hour at 1700 uk time for two hours.
As always we are the Threads* box on the right.

we have switched to every other month cos it was getting too much. This time the blurb says...

Train to the Invisible City is on today from 5 to 7pm GMT. Tune in at

This month it's just us at the controls and we take advantage to roam freely through low-key electro that builds to an unexpected peak in grime and ghetto house, before taking it down again with the deepest of kraut-disco


OK this show is now archived and can be listened to online... the mixing was fone on Audacity so sone of it is a bit... weird... but tune selection is killer I'd say so...

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