Gun Tunes


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Not quite a gun tune per se, but this extended clip of a live party that @Bang Diddley posted ages ago

Live recording MCR. Vibes....

Broadway 1991 Moss Side (Maxine's Party) Pt 1 + links to other parts

The tune at the beginning is Gold in the shade - over you (think was id'd by @william_kent ) but what I like about this recording is the MC over the top repeatedly saying "original gun in the hand" cos of course this is 1991, Manchester, ie peak "gunchester" and all the gang stuff going off in the wake of the drugs economy from Hacienda and other clubs.

Just the fact you've got this sweet sweet street soul tune, and then gun talk over the top. The two things together, hand in hand, no contradictions.

Benny B

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If yuh fren gun big like Baby G
Tower Hill gun, a sing like Lady G
Yuh come kick like Bruce-A-Lee
Then Villa man rise a gun weh a sing like Lukie D