@luka have you ever had


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That was just an approximation to give you a sense of build here's another one


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Very glad to hear that, he wasn't gonna live to see another sunrise but I wanted to make sure my conscience was clear, too


never pick a fight with anyone unless they are much smaller and weaker than you are and you are certain they dont know
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Yeah I completely agree with this. Apart from the obvious risk of physical chastisement, the sheer embarrassment of saying "I will now prove on your body the moral and logical superiority of my arguments and character" only for the exact opposite to happen, leaving you to slink off shamefaced and bloodied, defeated in every single way according to your own metric.


who hear has ever been in a fight as an adult?
Yes, but, surprisingly few looking back. I remember having a tooth broken by some prick... in fact I remember now, got started on in some club and the bouncers came in and separated us and after it was seemingly broken up, with us pulled apart and separated, guard down and security right there, he just fucking hit me full in the face, with the result that they threw him out quite roughly - and next day the end fell off my tooth, but it was a replacement one already.

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Well, hypothetically speaking, what would you do to a man who said this special someone wasnt very good looking.

What choice words would you use would you take it outside would it occasion a challenge. It seems to me a matter of honor.

What if this person was someone you considered a friend? Someone you'd considered bring into your home. What If while confiding in them, they'd just brought it out suddenly, unprovoked?
That person is not your friend. They have expressed themselves badly.

It is ok if people don’t share your taste in music. It is ok if people don’t share your taste in women.

It is not ok if they disrespect your partner.

So you don’t need them. That’s it. Fighting them is still being in a relationship with them. Press the eject and throw the tape out the window into the cold air.