The Uyghurs


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Yeah for sure but I don't think she would have known it was a war of extermination. The Nazis kept this pretty well concealed even from themselves.
It's difficult to say, maybe she just guessed where it was going. She described Hitler as a solution to the "world problems" of Jews and communists.


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I think it’s better to stop assessing the past and look at actualities of now. We know the past and we know it is the present.

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Seeing as linking real-world events to Dune is all the rage at the moment:

Xinjiang officials took us on a tour to the Grand Bazaar in the center of Urumqi, which has been rebuilt for tourists, like many other cities in Xinjiang. Here, there are giant plastic bearded Uyghur men and a giant plastic Uyghur instrument. A nearby museum for traditional naan bread sells tiny plastic naan keychains, Uyghur hats and fridge magnets. Crowds of Han Chinese snap selfies.

By the time of the God Emperor's death, the Fremen were relegated to being no more than 'museum' pieces, their ancient and purposeful traditions diluted into honorary forms without meaning.