how many pints can you drink?

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    Votes: 7 46.7%
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mr tea definitely cant be over ten but he voted large pecker. so i would say negative correlation
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Think if you were hung like a horse you'd spend your evenings cradling it affectionately, or showing it off to all and sundry - not go out in the cold to sink 14 pints and yell NWA lyrics at a taxi driver at 3am.


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I had 17 drinks at a college party once and didn't pass out. I suppose that's about 12 pints, since our beer cans are 12oz. Now I can barely get through three... I forget about them, they slowly go flat on a windowsill, or I fall asleep.

Mr. Tea

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mr tea definitely cant be over ten but he voted large pecker. so i would say negative correlation
Depends how you interpret the question. If it's "have you ever drunk 10 pints in a session?", then yeah, sure. Did the Monopoly Board pub crawl with a half at each pub (so that's 26 halves) when I was a stoodunt. But if it's "could you go out and drink 10 pints this evening?", then I'd have to say it's doubtful.


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i don't know if i can drink ten pints, i will probably have already switched to some other form of stronger liquor before reaching that point cos it's too much liquid.


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in practice around 6 or 7 pints should be enough for anyone to get overexcited and start ordering double whiskys, tequilas, ray and nephews etc


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People used to talk about the circle line crawl but only seen the monopoly board in that book

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I think my all-time personal best in one evening was about 40 units. If we say a pint of typical beer is 2.5 units, that's equivalent to 16 pints, although this was a mix of various booze types, as all the best piss-ups are. Weirdly, I don't think I was sick.

This is going back some 15 years, mind you.


Tight but Polite
‘What’s the most you’ve ever drunk, then?’ Loudmouth wanted to know. ‘We used to have boozing matches on shore-leave,’ he added with a wide, knowing smile to the aroused group of spectators. He reminded Arthur of a sergeant-major who once put him on a charge.

‘I don’t know,’ Arthur told him. ‘I can’t count, you see.’

‘Well,’ Loudmouth rejoined, ‘let’s see how much you can drink now. Loser pays the bill.’

Arthur did not hesitate. Free booze was free booze.