Sudan 30 October



طرب - mirth

not sure of the locality, but loving the disco breaks
طرب - tarab is a key concept in arabic music

“Tarab” is an Arabic word not found in the English language that describes a state of emotional transformation and bliss when one is wholly absorbed in music.

The emotional orientation of Arab composition is also ‘played out’ during the Arab cultural performance events. As opposed to the formal Western classical concert, the Arab performance leans towards interaction and expressively charged within the musicians and audiences. In the Arab culture, the fusion between music and emotional change symbolized by the Arabic perception of Tarab, which may not have a precise equivalence in Western languages.

For instance, with the physical and emotional appearances on performers can be quite visible, and the Tarab ecstasy is generally approached with an air of discreetness. When it becomes extreme or when publicly presented, the musical emotion can incite social mimicry, if not ethical and religious disapproval. The vision of Tarab is a complex notion that embraces an aesthetic-experiential principal but also links with a dense network of cultural morals, economic associations, and social hierarchies.
& also a whole entire style of east african music which deserves its own thread
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big up ras steve london's only electric krarist busker (that i know of)

that is a krar
actually that's its ethiopian name in sudan it's called something elseūra_(lyre)