Invisible Sounds presents Lena Willikens 11th Dec Cosmos, Lisbon


Cosmos hosts an ace chill-out(ish) session after the party the day before

Cosmos 11th Dec 6pm until 2am, 10 euros
Lena Willikens (Comeme, Dekmantel, Salon des Amateurs)
Idle Rich (Invisible Sounds)
Lizatron (Invisible Sounds)


Salon des Amateurs legend Lena Willikens (Comeme, Dekmantel) joins Invisible Sounds joint leaders Lizatron and Idle Rich at Cosmos Campolide - 10 euros
The second of two events - a slightly more chilled follow up to the megaparty at Arroz Studios the day before

Lena Wilikens
Having honed her skills at the legendary Salon des Amateurs in Dusseldorf Lena has taken her unique DJ-ing style around the world, as well as forming a devastating team with Vladimir Ivkovic she hosts the Lightning Conducting show on NTS and curated the 5th edition of Dekmantel's Selectors.
Far from playing the hits she prefers to nimbly negotiate the darkest and most bizarre corners of electronic music, sampling different moods and textures to truly transport the dance-floor

Half of the Invisible Sounds DJ team and label, Lizatron is no stranger to the dance floor having spun her out-there sounds all round Europe and spread the word even further with her regular show on Threads.
Now Lizatron is taking over Portugal, as well as regular gigs in Lisbon and Porto she is now booking international artists and here she curates this spectacular event along with its sister the day before

The other half of Invisible Sounds joins his partner in crime and drags some of his insane record collection down to Cosmos to provide a suitably whacked out support for the ladies.


That's before she plays here though so hiding in suitcase wouldn't help...
Will be cool though, they are a good team together.


Well-known member
I dunno, might do. I do wanna go soon, but there's other nights that are a better fit for me, they've got klein on in January.

I saw Helena hauff there a while ago and it wax alright but a bit too packed and gurny, I feel like willkens will be a similar vibe to that. Whereas I tend to prefer the nights where there's a big more space.

But it's been so long it might have all changed.