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There used to be a bar/club in Lisbon called Plantasia, it was set up to be a place for dancing but they were not granted a licence to stay open past 11 so it was completely doomed as no-one goes dancing before about 3am. And so it closed. But the people who ran it have not given up and they are keeping the Plantasia name alive by doing these videos where they film someone doing an hour long dj set and then put it on their channel. It's good cos unlike pretty much anything else like that they actually pay you to do it and so I was more than happy to oblige when they asked me. I played an hour of electro and ebm type stuff... there were a couple of records I really wanted to play but I simply couldn't find them in time and so I didn't. To make up for that disappointment I'm making one of them my "tune of the day; redux"



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bandcamp link coz its not on youtube. loved jaimie branch for a while. perfect Eid morning tune of the day. enjoyable thing to play loud lying on the sofa in the AC while it's too hot to even consider setting foot outside.


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ok these are my live thoughts.

nice mellow beats obviously, in the intro anyway, that's a plus point straightaway.

i like a breathy female vocal, this is far too squeaky. i do like young marble giants and it's got a bit of that, but it's too high and weird.

actually the plinkety plonketing sounds are very reminiscent of ymg aren't there, but the lyrics are really trite and shit and the sounds are just too harsh and abrasive for me. not very nice mellow beats now i come to think of it.

heard this song a million things before, its like kate nash or something isn't it, give it a rest. i sppose we are cursed to constantly have the same problems as weveryone else has had and we need to give our spin on it, but this is definitely not a classic of the genre.

wher ei think it really trips up is the end whistling bit which seems to undercut the actual lyrical tone elsewhere. so that's just a poor decision in terms of deployment of sonic tools. now you could say that naivete is ok, but i would say they've tried something and they've failed.