Choon of the Day, redux


The other day met this guy from Serbia and after we had discussed the film Strangler vs Strangler he said he was gonna bombard me with links... and he was not lying. Anyway, just started checking through some of his recommends and this first one is great so it's the tune of the day (redux)



Cat Malogen
Talking garage with a mate earlier, save you the boredom of labels etc but this CHOON got referenced and, even with a sprinkling of formula licks, it fuckin rocks




reminiscent of japan
Listening to Berntholer, feels like fireworks, a revelation... wait a minute, where did that come from? Those are not my words, I feel that I have been programmed or something.

Er, anyway, putting that moment of subconscious madness behind me; we were in Cologne on Friday at a party for this girl. Her husband was also there and he was once in this band called BAR. I may have said before but in our car he cd player is incredibly temperamental and it only plays about three CD without jumping or making weird noises or simply grinding totally to a halt. One of the cds that it does actually play is this one by BAR and I really like this tune of theirs which I was reminded of by meeting him - so it's my Tune of the Day (Redux)



in je ogen waait de wind

they are british right? i think the lyrics are very 90's eurodance like. anyway i love this tune, very dramatic, it's the mood i'm in.