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me and corpsey are performing at a free-jazz/poetry gig at the betsey trotwood jack asked me to invite you


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i will say this tho in all sincerity

i often see an old paul sheils post and i read it and go

i forgot how clever this lad actually is

he dont look it

he dont sound it

but he is

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in je ogen waait de wind
shiels is great, i don't understand why he left? i was also hoping that barty would come back after he finished his book, now that he can live off his royalties he can come and shine his light here again right? imagine all the magic happening if they both came back!
I have missed the conversation round here and will officially return soon. Just have to choose the right time for the dramatic entrance. A huge slap down maybe?


Yeah, he doesn't say much but it normally lands, it's actually quite annoying, not just smart but annoyingly smart. I mean that in the best possible way if it's not clear.