Really Cool Killing/Death Scenes SPOILERS most likely


Rewatching the Sopranos, some gems. Janice doing Richie Aprile, marone. The dialogue, tone shift, everything that leads up to it....

Haven’t even got to Adriana‘s hit. The way she falls for Christopher’s gifts while getting regularly beaten is grim as fuck. Then the Feds get into her. Her stomach slowly corrodes itself, until finally she comes clean to Christopher. You think for maybe 5 mins there’s an out, just enough to reset the viewer. But TS phones telling her Christopher has taken an overdose, so she has to see him but slowly her lift w/Silvio driving further and further off-road indicates otherwise

The hit on the Shah of Iran/Phil Leotardo is good, but his brother’s previous murder where Silvio gets sprayed with blood and the sound mutes is quality

Adriana's is the saddest death in the whole thing I think. From the moment the FBI catch her in sone minor felony her options fold down to a single point and then nothingness; it takes whole seasons to arrive, but from the moment they give her the choice between jail or flipping her fate is sealed... her doom is inevitable and all the more agonising as it's so protracted. Like watching a beautiful sailing boat inexorably blown on to the rocks however much it tacks, sails fluttering desperately but increasingly weakly as it nears the jagged cliffs.
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So she (The Nun) lifts her (the goodie - also a nun, but not THEE nun) out of the water by the throat, holding her up in triumph, gloating before delivering the coup de grace... except at the last minute, the goodie spits into her face - it turns out she had broken the glass herself and kept the blood in her mouth the whole time, holding her breath, hoping for that one opportunity which she seized perfectly. The blood hits The Nun and she sizzles and burns up and dies in horrible agony I guess.

I've been forced to watch a few films from the "conjuring universe" ( that's what they are calling it.. ). The trick with the water could go horribly wrong? Easy to swallow if you're in a fight and breathing through the mouth? The film that follows the Nun in the franchise is The Curse of La Llorona which involves having to stab the villain with a twig from a tree that grows by a specific river in Mexico.. which is the sort of against all odds strategy that only the heroine of the film can pull off...

An example of ludicrous timing is from the Machine Girl - she's pinned to a wall by shuriken, her machine gun attachment has been unattached, but one of the good guys tosses it to her, she breaks free of hers bonds, somehow attaches the machine gun in mid-air and...against all odds..



Final Destination 5 and Final Destination 2 were on telly here lately (in that order as per usual with Portuguese telly) and that series really is one of the most gratuitously violent things out there. It's not really what I'm interested in for this thread but I suppose it deserves a passing mention for its unique formula of ludicrously convoluted and unlikely accidents mixed with unnecessarily graphic depictions of surprisingly horrific violence.


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Yeah, weird, colourful Yakuza thing from the 60s.