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taught me a lot about writing. its basically a catalogue of techniques compressed into however many bars


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If you like to gamble, I tell you I'm your man
You win some, lose some, all the same to me
The pleasure is to play, makes no difference what you say



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Any truth to this one?

God save the queen/The fascist regime
They made you a moron/A potential H bomb


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two great opening lines that re made out of strings and not words would be dont stop till you get enough and body fusion


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Jawbone And The Air-Rifle​

The rabbit killer left his home for the clough
And said goodbye to his infertile spouse
Carried air rifle and firm stock of wood
Carried night sight telescope light

Dr. Bucks' Letter​

I lost my temper with a friend
Mocked him and treated him with rudeness
And though I tried to make amends
Feel I miss him and walk a dark corridor

Hard Life in Country​

It's hard to live in the country
In the present state of things
Your body gets pulled right back
You get a terrible urge to drink


Someone's always on my tracks