Invisible Sounds on Threads Radio with special guests GAM - Thurs 2nd December 1700 - 1900 GMT


December Invisible Sounds Show for Threads Radio - with guests GAM

When Invisible Sounds DJ-d in Porto in Sept, fate decreed that they meet Pedro and Valdemar who comprise the legendary Gam, among the most active figures in its thriving musical ecosystem. They were on such similar musical wavelengths that a collaboration was inevitable and the first manifestation of this is a guest mix for the Threads show - a series of unexpected trajectories, should have beens and would have dones… and Invisible Sounds have done something that is kinda the same but totally different in preparation for their gigs with Lena Willikens at Arroz (10th Dec) and Cosmos (11th Dec) in Lisbon next week.

Listen to it on this link, as ever it's the player in the box on the right labelled Threads*