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@luka has alerted us to the presence of the Illuminati in the form of "Mike Hockney" and in search of enlightenment I had a look at their website but was horrified by the youtube embeds - is this music endorsed by the centuries old secret society which controls world events behind the scenes? Are these coded messages that I am too stupid to comprehend?

I thought it may be instructive to post the videos here and the hive mind maybe able to decode the clues that the secret chiefs have planted

let's kick off with the first video on the homepage

Department S - Is Vic There? ( French version )

This maybe a test as the Illuminati have uploaded the French version which immediately singles me out as monolingual - is there a reason for not using the original English version? Is it the video imagery that is important here?

In the youtube comments to this video "Department S" chime in with "The dreadful David Tickle mix sadly". Not even the band like this version!


The riff sounds familiar - is it lifted from the Stooges "I wanna be your dog"? There's a touch of The Clash "London Calling" with the dog howling vocal.. or is it a premonition of the scene with Bobby Briggs howling in Twin Peaks

Is a God to live in a dog? No! but the highest are of us. They shall rejoice, our chosen: who sorroweth is not of us. ( Liber AL 2:19)

Straightaway I have problems with this song - in my mind I confuse this band with "Vic Goddard & Subway Sect" but I am not alone in this...according to "buddysrecords" on discogs:

Who is Vic?.. Michael Herbage- 'No one really, it's just made up. It's not Vic Goddard!! It's just a bloke who rang up the office and got the wrong number and they said 'Is Vic there?' and someone made some silly comment about him and in the end they wrote the song. It's no big thing.'

hmm, "no big thing"...

more detail from Eddie Roxy, the synth player:

“We were actually at our management offices in Parker St, Covent Garden. Clive Banks was based there as was Dave Hill who managed The Pretenders and Facthna O’Kelly who managed The Boomtown Rats and Bananarama, so, while in the office the phone went off and Leigh Cavanagh answered it, she was the team receptionist and this voice said, ‘is Vic there?’ So there was the idea for a song.

So we are to believe that the phone call is a wrong number? Can there be a wrong number in Ontological Mathematics? Maybe the key is to know the number dialled...


turns out it is (01) 404 5832 and the management office is listed as part of the Mushroom records empire... my knowledge of Mushroom records is that they were listed in the credits of one of those Australian soaps - Neighbours or Home & Away - one of those anyway - also mushrooms were one of the routes for me to experience the "white light" where there is no I, no you, no we, only eternal light ( until the effects wore off a bit )

so let's break down the telephone number:

(01) - looks like a set consisting of 0 and 1 - base 2 - binary - all you need for computation

404 - Is Vic there? Not Found!

5832 - the perfect cube of 18 - also from a new age numerological perspective we get:

The 4-digit number 5832 is a complex number when analyzed from a numerology perspective. It's primary resonances are measurably tolerant. It's also a number that refers to an ultimate (and potentially most crucial) stage at the end of a sequence.

It's possible that something big is happening here, preceding the start of a new cycle of restoration and regrowth. 5832 is a multi-faceted number, characterized by its resonating waves of a time of cyclical renewal and change and transition, which add to 5832's characteristic feeling of compassion.

5832 is the end of the sequence of the telephone number but what is the significance of this video heading a rant about the decline of the "West" and the fall of Rome being due to the importation of Abrahamic ideas, a screed that ends with the following paragraphs:

The catastrophe is imminent. Everyone knows it. One must look forward to it. The old world must fall before a new world can rise.

Nietzsche said, “Nihilism is at our door: whence comes this most gruesome of all guests to us?”

Nihilism has one virtue. It brings a rotten, rancid ideology such as extreme liberalism to its inevitable end.

You can conceivably convert conservatives who believe in one path and one truth to a new version of one path and one truth. They understand the basic concept. You cannot convert liberals who believe in all paths and all truths to one path and one truth. They don’t understand the concept at all and actively oppose it and seek its annihilation.

But they are the ones destined for the slaughterhouse. Liberals can moan and groan all they like about China. It won’t change a thing. The Chinese are coming, and there’s nowhere for the liberals to hide.

Humble braggers, virtue signalers, social justice warriors and snowflakes will never stop the Chinese. The hilarious, and tragic, thing, is that they believe they can beat the Chinese by moralizing and sermonizing to them. The Chinese aren’t listening. They have better things to do with their time. They are getting on with their plan to take over the world.

"O my brothers, am I then cruel? But I say: that which is falling should also be pushed!” — Friedrich Nietzsche

Is this song telling us that "the catastrophe is imminent"?

The English lyrics consist of these words repeated

The night is young
The mood is mellow
And there's music in my ears
Say, is Vic there?

I hear ringing in the air
So I answer the phone
A voice comes over clear
Say, is Vic there?

Using dodgy Kenneth Grant style English gematria we get 163 for the phrase Say, is Vic there?


which translates to "Nuclear Winter"


So are the Illuminati warning us that the Chinese are going to bring about a nuclear winter?

Anyone have any other ideas on what the Illuminati are telling us by posting this as the first song encountered on their website?


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is it really the wrong number? or does this person have an ulterior motive? and what, in a more abstract sense, does the wrong number signify?


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in the Mike Hockney version of Illuminism the Priory of Sion would be arch enemies - the last thing the Illuminati should be doing is protecting the bloodline of Jesus and the whore he made pregnant - is the "say, is Vic there?" refrain a taunt against the old order clinging to their Abrahamic religion?


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looking at the Victor Hugo wikipedia entry it seems as though he was keen on spiritism in his later years, and

he participated also in many séances conducted by Madame Delphine de Girardin

is this verse:

I hear ringing in the air
So I answer the phone
A voice comes over clear
Say, is Vic there?

indicating that the voice is participating in a séance? I know when I was a teenager and we played with a ouija board that we used to ask "is anyone there?" - I suppose if I had known who Hugo was at that time we could have asked "is Vic there?"


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started reading @woops' recommendation The Eye of the Beholder last night - the story kicks off with a couple visiting the detective agency with a request - the couple's name: Mr and Mrs Hugo - synchronicity?


On to the next video on the Illuminati website and the one that maybe puzzled and shocked me the most - is this really Illuminati music?

The Proclaimers - Letter From America

I have to admit my prejudices came to the fore with this one. I hate folk. I don't like their singing. Who on earth would sign this band?

Well, as it turns out it was Bill Drummond while he was an A&R guy at WEA. Immediate connections to the Robert Anton Wilson vision of the the Illuminati! Drummond was involved with the Liverpool Sci-fi Theatre adaptation of Illuminatus! directed by Ken Campbell, and the KLF positively revelled in Illuminati imagery.

Then there's the name. The Proclaimers. Proclaim: to announce publicly. To show or indicate plainly. To praise or extol.

Hidden in plain sight - this pair are a mouthpiece for the Illuminati.

What is the message in the song?

I have to admit my aversion to pop folk has made it difficult for me to listen to this tune, but we have the internet and lyrics sites so I started by reading:

When you go will you send back a letter from America?
Take a look up the rail track from Miami to Canada

Well broke off from my work the other day
Spent the evening thinking about all the blood that flowed away
Across the ocean to the second chance
I wonder how it go on when it reached the promised land

They start off singing about the Highland clearances, when wealthy landowners displaced the tenant farmers in order to raise sheep which produced far more profit for them, resulting in a mass migration across the Atlantic to find a better life in the New World

I've looked at the ocean tried hard to imagine
The way you felt the day you sailed from Wester Ross to Nova Scotia
We should have held you, we should have told you
But you know our sense of timing we always wait too long

Sometimes only a few members of a family could afford to travel to the New Scotland, leaving their relatives waiting for a letter to let them know that their loved ones arrived safely

Lochaber no more, Sutherland no more
Lewis no more, Skye no more
Lochaber no more, Sutherland no more
Lewis no more, Skye no more
Lochaber no more, Sutherland no more
Lewis no more, Skye no more

A chant mourning the depopulation of the Scottish Isles? Or a curse?

I wonder my blood will you ever return
To help us kick the life back to a dying mutual friend?
Do we not love her I think we all tell you about
Do we have to roam the world to prove how much it hurts?

The migration reduced the population and with that the possibility of resisting and rising against the landowning elite - a bloodletting performed by the agents of the Demiurge

As above so below:

The song closes with the following refrain mourning the loss of industry in the lowlands in the 1970s and 1980s

Bathgate no more, Linwood no more
Methil no more, Irvine no more
Bathgate no more, Linwood no more
Methil no more, Irvine no more

The places of my youth, their economies destroyed by the satanic elite

I've forced myself to watch the video which shows empty warehouses, black and white footage to represent the Highland clearances, colour footage representing the 20th century loss of industry, dancing deasil around the prone body of a young Scots girl lying on a Saltire flag...

An occult ritual intended to destroy the Old Order, a spell to bring about the creation of a New World Order based on Ontological Mathematics?

As Mike Hockney says:

The old world must fall before a new world can rise.


Twins represent a symbolic image of bearers of the divine power – the power of the Grail

From the Illuminati website:

Predatory Capitalism died in 2008 just as surely as Communism died when the Berlin Wall fell in 1989. The world has been operating under a zombie system ever since. Now THE VIRUS has come forth to finish off the grotesque creature. We are now in the Wasteland. Only a Holy Grail can redeem the situation. The finest knights are called.

There is so much that has been written about the occult significance of twins which I won't bore you with here, but I'll just say that the Mike Hockney version of the Illuminati is gnostic, a system that can be considered "dualism"
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very high quality indeed. we need to mention the scottish rite here and its connection to the founding fathers of america
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as an aside some of my lot were among those who set out from scotland and landed in nova scotia. the difference with my lot is that they were clever enough to realise that nova scotia is even worse than old scotland so they went out to sea again and ended up in new zealand.
Come and discover how one thousand Gaelic speaking emigrants from the western highlands of Scotland escaped the notorious Highland Clearances and eventually arrived in “the virtual paradise” of Waipu!


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that is a fucking awful song though. wash your hands what have you got to say for yourself?


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Next up on the Illuminati website we have the pub rock Doors - one of the strands connecting the 50s and 60s with the 70s

The Stranglers - No More Heroes

Interesting video choice. Middle aged "punks" cavorting on a gaudy set presumably designed by an old hippy. I was disconcerted at first because JJ Burnel, rather than Hugh Cornwell, is pretending to sing, but then I realised they are doing that faux rebellious pop group thing of making it obvious that they are miming. But this video was chosen by the Illuminati so maybe we should assume that this is a demonstration intended to remove the wool from our eyes, showing us that the entertainment industry is mere spectacle designed to hoodwink us into passive submission.

ley lines & power sites centered on Guildford

As an aside, they were originally named "The Guildford Stranglers" which is probably insignificant, but, "coincidentally", in the first post in this thread I quote "Department S" deriding the mixing skills of David Tickle who was born in Guildford and who got his big break when he was hired by Terry Melcher to work for Ringo Star's studio. Ringo "drummed" for the Beatles, whose song "Helter Skelter" was the motive for the Tate / La Bianca murders, that is, if you believe a word of Vincent "the bug" Bugliosi's procedural crime novel of the same name. Terry Melcher is the guy who pissed off Charlie Manson by not making him a world famous music star.

Say, is Terry there?

a scene from the critically derided "Charly Says" where he is drilling the girls for their failed audition with Melcher: "We don't have enough of a spectacle!"

Manson could be considered an anti-hero created in part by Operation CHAOS and chaos was one of themes of UK punk... which brings me back to the Illuminati choice of tune which graces their website

Cornwell: When No More Heroes came out, we refused to sign autographs because we were saying, "Don't have heroes. Be your own hero." The people in No More Heroes are anti-heroes really.

Let's take a look at the lyrical content ( featuring one of the worst rhyming couplets ever ):

Whatever happened to Leon Trotsky?
He got an ice pick
That made his ears burn

Whatever happened to dear old Lenny?
The great Elmyra, and Sancho Panza?
Whatever happened to the heroes?
Whatever happened to the heroes?

Whatever happened to all the heroes?
All the Shakespearoes?
They watched their Rome burn

Whatever happened to the heroes?
Whatever happened to the heroes?
No more heroes any more
No more heroes any more

A clarion call to reject the worship of others? Who needs heroes when through the power of Ontlogical Mathematics as taught by Mike Hockney you can become God?

Who are the "heroes"?

Leon Trotsky - failed revolutionary assassinated by the NKVD
Elmyr de Hory - exceptional art forger - creator of his own world
Lenny Bruce - originally I thought 'Lenny' was Lenin, but in interviews they have said it refers to an unfunny comedian
Sancho Panza - a character from Don Quixote
Shakespeare - wrote some plays

An odd selection

The key line is probably:

They watched their Rome burn

as Mike Hockney's Illuminati are obsessed with Rome and its fall due to the importation of Abrahamic ideas:

The Roman Republic transitioned to the Roman Empire, which transitioned to the Roman Catholic Empire. You can see that Rome was the key to the whole thing. Rome was the center of unity, collectivism, a common purpose, a common religion, a common outlook, a unified worldview.

Then the Roman Catholic Empire fell, just as the Roman Empire had before it. Again, the assassin was Christianity, but this time a new variant of Christianity: Protestantism, a protest against Catholic Christianity. Where Catholicism was all about the collective, Protestantism was the exact opposite. It was all about the individual.

The original Roman Empire fell because it was subverted by the preoccupation of individual Christians with their personal salvation. The new Roman Empire – the Catholic Church – was subverted by the preoccupation of Protestants with their personal salvation.

The Stranglers are a problematic band - some have called them racist nonces due to some of their early songs - are they really endorsed by the Illuminati?

They certainly weren't endorsed by Jon Savage, who was left battered black and blue by JJ Burnel, a trained martial artist, after he wrote a less than favourable review of their second album, "No More Heroes", for the inky music press of the 70s - apparently the audience who witnessed the total KO included Elvis Costello and Stiff label owner, Jake Riveria - the venue was The Red Cow in Hammersmith, now renamed as Latymers.

During the 1970s the pub was frequented by actors and musicians - a place where purveyors of spectacle and illusion gathered:

The Red Cow, Hammersmith

The pub is also noted as the scene of Ray Winstone’s first ever acting job. He was an extra in an episode of The Sweeney which was filmed here, when the pub was still called The Red Cow.

The crew and cast of the show regularly made use of the pub, which was opposite Euston Films at Colet Court. Dennis Waterman recalled that on his first day on set, he spent 14 hours in the pub before speaking his first line…

The pub was the venue for Sting's debut gig in London, and the first place AC/DC played outside of Australia



The Stranglers played a secret gig there as "The Shakespearos" - I'm not sure if this was the night of the Savage beating



Shirts off for the lads! Jon Moss, before he became the drummer of Culture Club, can be seen standing behind a topless JJ Burnel

The Red Cow is also the name of a mysterious ritual described in Numbers 19:1-22 intended to purify those who have come into contact with a dead body


The red cow of Numbers 19 is also referred to as a red heifer, and there are some who believe that the ritual will bring about the return of the Messiah

Only the ashes of a red heifer—which has not been seen in Israel for almost two thousand years—can purify Jews so that they can rebuild the Temple.

( angus cattle from Scotland are red cows )

According to the rabbis, the only way that Jews could become pure again was by being sprinkled with the ashes of a red heifer that has been mixed with water traditionally drawn from the pool of Siloam. According to the Mishnah, the written version of the oral tradition, the ceremony of the red heifer sacrifice has only been performed nine times in the history of the Jewish people. When the tenth heifer appears, the Messiah will finally come.

Was the Savage beating in the Red Cow pub an Illuminati parody of an Abrahamic occult ritual?

Jon Savage:

There were a lot of pillocks. I loathed the Jam with their stupid suits, and Sham 69's skinheads, and the Stranglers. Jean-Jacques Burnel attacked me after I slated their second album.

JJ Burnel:
It's quite strange how The Stranglers seem to have been written out of punk history. I was looking through Jon Savage's England's Dreaming and the only mentions of The Stranglers are those of just a footnote…

JJB: Well you know what happened with Jon Savage, don't you?

You punched him, didn't you?

JJB: I sort of slapped him about a bit and ever since he's been re-writing history. Of course, whenever they want to bring out a consultant on that period they wheel him out. He's made a professional career out of being an expert on all that. TV, books, whatever, we've been written out of it but that's OK. It bothered me at the time but does it bother me now? Not really. I mean, who's the last man standing, you know? We are. And perceptions change big time. The last 10 years our demographic has changed considerably; we're attracting a lot of teenagers and much younger people because to them, all that stuff are badges of honour: they've had spats with the press, they've tied journalists up – fantastic! No one does that any more! No one commits commercial suicide any more and they all play safe so yeah, it's become a bit of a badge of honour, I think.

JJ is still beating people up, but this time they are his students of full contact ka-ra-te


Shihan JJ Burnel has over 40 years of training in martial arts.
He first started Tae Kwondo at age 19. At 21 years of age he started Kyokushinkai under Sensei Brian Crowley. In 1978 he went to Tokyo to train at the Kyokushinkaikan in Ikebukuro.
Since 1991 he has been UK branch chief of The Shidokan.
He has taught, fought and demonstrated all over the world including Japan.
He was awarded his 6th Dan in Japan in 2005 and was awarded the title Renshi in 2012.
In 2014 he was promoted to Nanadan, 7th Dan.

only scratching the surface here..
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Wow, amazing lines of thought here.

I really like the stranglers as it goes, particularly peaches and golden brown. They were one of the first punk bands I got into, along with buzzcocks. I remember thinking, this is just good pop music with rude lyrics, brilliant.

JJ Burnel has that same look to him as someone like Kenny Noye. Winstonesque definitely. I know a funny story about Winstone and the guy who played Lovejoy, remind me to tell it you, think it will be up your street.

"The red cow" - I feel like I've heard it somewhere but I'm not sure where. Possibly in the Alan garner novel thursbitch. Hinduism is obviously very full of cows, but they tend to be white.


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that is a fucking awful song though. wash your hands what have you got to say for yourself?

Dunno squire, The Proclaimers? Sunshine on Leith is a true Scottish Rite at Easter Rd. You go as an away fan and it draws you in over the years, you have to acknowledge the emotion (and the variety of Hibs dangers)