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Formed in 1985, The Chrome Angelz graffiti crew spent a brief, yet productive and highly influential period in the public eye. Their approach to developing a European aesthetic resulted in a number of high profile pieces and collaborations with artists inside and outside the world of graffiti art and Hip Hop culture.
Founding artists Mode 2, Scribla, Zaki Dee (163) and Pride (Inc.) were fortunate to belong to London’s wider Hip Hop community and were equally inspired by the creativity of the elite Dj’s, MC’s, Writers, and Dancers they worked alongside in those early years, forming friendships that have lasted to this day


Void Dweller
the metal of the mid-late 20th century? of modernism? the forbidden planets era. the association with a mid 80s b-boy crew supports that. (then it becomes gaudy jeff koons fodder...)


Cat Malogen
Chilled excursions overall, very chilled. Not too keen on “hobbit” trips, you know, trying to indulge the shire. Embrace reality and then let the drug come on. Took 2 kilos of fillet beef, huge slabs fried in butter, garlic and thyme and ran an mp3 through a primitive rig. Got a lush spot by the Derwent at Hathersage, 1000 shades of green compared to the image here

Vision - digital life and screens as a hall of mirrors. I saw our home where every wall, ceiling or floor was an encasing mirror with thousand angles of reflection, 3D but it shaped it into the 2d screen. Had a 5 mins wobble lol but mediated with it by dangling feet in the river

tried to get this with hypnogram, the full chrome shine but much more angular and it wasn’t having it fully

it’s like the promise of clean highly polished silver, cast into function