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Anyone have any thoughts on this stuff about the "serotonin theory of depression" allegedly being disproved?

Here's the study itself,



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I'm not familiar with this study, or with the thesis it is disproving, but my initial take on any neurotransmitter-based theories of emotion is that they'd need to be pretty holistic to be saying anything meaningful. There is just so much combinatoric complexity, plus synaptic logic can be excitatory or inhibitive, so a given neurotransmitter can ostensibly have opposite effects in different circumstances.


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Other studies looked at the effects of stressful life events and found that the more stressful life events a person had experienced, the more likely they were to be depressed, showing the important impact of external events.

Mark would probably feel vindicated reading this.



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You might expect to see it in a population overly exposed to mdma over consecutive decades but nope

It’s a bit like drugs like paroxetine/seroxat - profoundly ineffective based on (now) ancient data. Had a client once who’d been on paroxetine for 22 years without a single medication review

Couple of significant issues are the levels of undiagnosed trauma and acute stress within any given population, where depression presents (despise that term) as low mood but not enough life mapping is conducted. Millions of people are given medication instead of being referred to a specialist for a deeper dive into their minds


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@WashYourHands what do you think about guided psychedelic therapy sessions?

all for it, questions abound about context for seeking it, suitability of guides, screening for undiagnosed schizo-affective conditions

ideally love to see the NHS involve or graft these processes into its systems somehow but immediately you’re into an industrial scale operation and therein be dragons

ironically @Clinamenic emdr 2.0 has taken the psychedelic guide session model and adapted its framework for trauma work - conclusions equate to shorter durations for healing, more intensive sessions with a team rather than a single therapist and therefore less “sets”



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I don't get it - what does EMDR 2 involve that EMDR doesn't? Psychedelics?

emdr = 1 patient and 1 therapist over months

emdr 2.0 = 6 patients, 3/4 therapists + support team over a week

they took all the psychedelic session models and used emdr instead of specific compounds

solid results with at least one British health board completing successful trials in March

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Canada legalising assisted suicide for the mentally ill is opening a real can of worms.
Really tricky one, that, because according to some people's idea of what mental illness is, anyone depressed enough to be suicidal is severely mentally ill, and therefore in no fit state to be making decisions about their own treatment. A literal Catch-22, in other words. But really, if someone has, say, an incurable condition that means they have no quality of life at all, then wanting to die could be considered the only rational option - or, to flip it, you could say someone would have to be mad to want to live like that.