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From any genre. What are your favourites? Spine tingling euphoric or goose pimples darkness as below.

The reason for the thread - I was chatting to someone about Trance. I told him I don't know the first thing about Trance.

He told me it's not all supersaws and drum rolls and the best bits are the melodic breakdowns.

I said lighter in the air time, and he said, nah... glowsticks.

I said jungle and hardcore are my favs as I like the way the tunes can breakdown from nowhere to film score style samples.

But on thinking about it I could only think of a few tunes were that's the case.



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i love these threads, like "jungle is wicked" for example, or "'94 jungle is the best" etc hearing all these tracks for the first time with no nostalgia just pure banging wickedness


When I searched for 'best breakdowns' on YouTube I thought I would get lots of trance or EDM but no: metal. What on earth is going on?


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mark t ruffbeat 006 test press from 92. don't even think the test press got a proper release (the version which officially came out is cleaner.) the interior monologue of a raver after overdosing on snowballs.


Cat Malogen
Killer intro not helped by YT pitch being slow, even Luka went “this isn’t complete garbage” while tapping a toe

Monster wobbler, taking you where you wanna be

edit - the perfect introduction to 4x4 time chug heaven while keeping the listener on board with minimal elements

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As well as the the hardcore and jungle there's some incredible speed garage ones listen from 1.28 into this monster


I remember when LFO - Freak came out everyone went crazy, now it's a pretty standard kinda thing you get in EDM I guess.