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I offered to put some old jungle style art on mvuent but he said he wouldnt want an 'ouchie'

Mr. Tea

Shub-Niggurath, Please
But not just having the idea; actually going through with it!

It's sometimes said that the corpses of modern people decay far more slowly than those of people prior to the 20th century, because of all the preservatives we absorb from our food over the course of a lifetime. I don't know if the effect is strong enough for skin to be preserved, but just imagine being an archaeologist of a few century's time and digging this guy up, with that tat still faintly visible...


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what are you going to scrawl on his thigh flesh?

It will be a scrawl as they want the thing on the bottom right, might have to talk them into something else as theyre fairly dark skinned and Im not sure how well the color would react

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also can you give us a taxonomy of contemporary tattoo styles pls

I dont really know about the 'mainstream' of tattooing trends, but outside of that the trend is away from the traditional styles and more towards visual artists just putting work they might put on paper on skin instead, but there are trends:

Cutesy cartoon local zine stuff:
Screenshot 2022-01-05 141815.jpg

scratchy, sprawling, spindly stuff. very myspace chic:
Screenshot 2022-01-05 142402.jpgScreenshot 2022-01-05 142510.jpgimage.jpg

Ignorant style:
Screenshot 2022-01-05 030608.jpgScreenshot 2022-01-05 030714.jpg

alot of stuff that I guess youd see in a punky zine:
Screenshot 2022-01-05 142801.jpgScreenshot 2022-01-05 142910.jpgScreenshot 2022-01-05 143027.jpg


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