live either today or tomorrow


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yes yes, I was actually going to record a mix that didn't progress past 115 bpm so that even @WashYourHands could enjoy it, but after two failed attempts — I guess sweating profusely on a new years eve friday doesn't make for seemless smooth blends does it? I got pissed off, gave up and I just got done recording a mix that pounds you all at 180 with acid, electro and darkside, for 2 hours then goes into some 90 bpm dub, hip hop, etc, then back into house, and etc.

Completely freestyle, didn't even know what I was mixing till I did it, just picking files at random and chucking em in the blender.

Anyway, I'm going to see if I can stream it on youtube without getting hit with a copyright warning, if that is indeed the case then we should be good to go.


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I would investigate but got to be at work for 26 hours from 8AM tomorrow & have the January yips & my son just told me he was at some superspreader event last night :eek:
what sort of job makes you work for 26 hours?