have you had the corona yet?

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yeah its a long time to be cooped up in a room. i didnt enjoy it really and i didnt find i could do anything remotely constructive, unless you count 12 hour shifts on dissensus. im expecting you to start a lot of new threads
It’s only 5 days now so I’m out on Monday. I might start a new thread about the emotions adapting to communication technologies
so what does shiels' case mean? you can just get this every few weeks?

There's a lot of variation to consider as far as I know.... the virus itself (omicron has evolved to partly get past vaccines and antibodies, but t cell immuntiy holds up) viral load, individuals immune response, time since vaccine, response to vaccine etc etc. But immunity probably wanes between 6-8 months. its acting like colds and flus in that way. I had it during delta wave in july


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Mr. Tea

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It will make your todger bigger, so lots of people will be trying to catch it while pretending they don't need to
It would have to be *very* mutant to do that, if this story is to be believed.



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i hope entertainment is still alive. shiels broke out of his quarantine 5 days early and smeared the virus all over town, a one-man super spreader event.