I bet he's a dickhead


The other day (Christmas Eve in fact) somewhat put on the Doors and the words "imagine what a bell-end Jim Morrison must have been" rose almost unbidden to my lips. Maybe not even like evil or whatever, possibly even a nice guy in his own weird way, but he must have been one of the all time twats.

We are watching The Great at the moment and the thing that makes it good is really that guy Nicholas Hoult as the spoiled man-boy Peter the 3rd (well is he actually Peter the 3rd? They seem to have put combined Peters the second and third to create this guy - and in fact in reality I believe it was neither of them but actually Peter the Great who banned beards, but that is a funny thing to do so I can see why they nicked it) and I was thinking that selfish, despotic idiots make great tv, I'm surprised that there are not more things about Caligula, Nero... er who else in fact? I don't mean any despot, but the ones who lose really important battles by overruling their experienced generals, run away the second the enemy is in sight - and then declare it a great triumph and march through Rome in armour made out of gold and covered in spurious medals.

Cos surely Caligula and his ilk are history's great dickheads. Trump is maybe the nearest we've had for a while, but sadly leaders today - at least in the west - don't have that absolute power to do whatever they want however stupid that made people like Nero so funny. Still, if you were a fly on the wall of the Oval Office I bet you would have seen loads of great scenes; advisers sat with their heads in their hands as someone explains for the third time using puppets why it really wouldn't be a good idea to invade France and so on. But I don't want to steer this into another Trump thread, my main point is that the best dickheadery occurs on those rare occasions when you get a massive prick who is in a position where no-one and no-thing can restrain them from indulging in their most ridiculous ideas.


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Is James English the Scottish one with the podcast where he interviews nobhead 'villains'?