Murkiest of Chicago


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I enjoy reading comments like this on YouTube.

Screenshot 2022-01-12 at 21.51.14.png

A lot of tracks have WMBX style comments. I got into that station from early file sharing sites. But, I think there's a lot more to Chicago. As I only know the old stuff. 80s Italo and House stuff.

Check out this '97 remix of Computer Madness called Ghetto Madness by DJ P.J. on Dance Mania.

And there's other stuff like that like this mashup of Klein & MBO and B Beats Girls (with obligatory WBMX comments).

I'm looking for any genre. But, the murkiest of Chicago... There was always talk of a lot of bad pressings from Chicago. White labels with paper coming out the vinyl grooves etc. So anything from WBMX style tracks, Acid to Ghetto House please post in the thread.