What's on DJ Donald's Mar-a-Lago party playlist?

Mr. Tea

Shub-Niggurath, Please
As the Sudafed/Adderall/cocaine kicks in, he gets a bit over-excited and puts on 'Killing In The Name', to burnish his anti-establishment credentials and demonstrate his fundamentally punk-rock attitude to life.


rack out those lines!

Kiss - I was Born For Loving You

coded Illuminati* lizard people messages from Knights In Satan's Service

viagra rock / disco crossover
I prefer the cover by Queen of Japan but I think Don would draw for the cock-rock take.

Also maybe Ace Frehly's version of New York Groove.


no doubt the big DON will spin some loli-pop from the former Soviet Republic

t.A.t.U - All The Things She Said

extremely depressing footnote
: this tune occupied the number one spot in the UK charts, probably based on the schoolgirl lesbian imagery depicted in the video #NonceNation
Loli pop!


Trump's legendary and touchingly close relationship to his daughter may lead him to celebrate that relationship. He might play, for example, the heartwarming Serge Gainsbourg classic Lemon Incest or Noel Coward - My Heart Belongs To Daddy.
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Chuck Berry's song Memphis Tennessee might also be relevant. If I remember correctly, the narrative seems to be a man trying to get in touch with a lost love im Memphis but then - bombshell! - it's revealed she was only five years old, what they'll is going on here? But - bombshell number two - she is his daughter and shame on you pervs for assuming... and obviously now we know she is the daughter then of course nothing untoward could be happening... second thoughts maybe Trump shouldn't play it.

Mr. Tea

Shub-Niggurath, Please
didn't chuck berry also have his own pee tape scandal?
Hidden cameras in the women's toilets in the bar he owned, wasn't it?

I mean, like, literally in the toilet bowl.

Edit: not quite that, apparently, but not far off.

The report also detailed how Berry allegedly installed hidden cameras in the women’s restroom at the Southern Air restaurant in Wentzville after he bought it in 1987. One camera “was evidently behind the toilet seat,” according to Spy, while others captured “aerial views of the toilets’ contents during the seconds after the women stood but before they flushed.”

The recordings were then reportedly “painstakingly” edited and compiled in a pair of “toilet tapes” that showed hundreds of women and girls “in the act of relieving themselves.” “Sometimes the frame is frozen for a few seconds, lingering on moments that must have been considered particularly moving,” Spy reported.

Poss Trump interest?
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Putting £100 on him playing this. Check the list when it's leaked, I've never been more convinced more of anything:

This one is an outsider punt:



Cat Malogen
Missing presumed drowned, music for adrenochrome, cheeseburgers and cheesecake:

Kenny Loggins, Jimmy Buffet, Heart, Ratt, Roxette, Ace of Bass


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I'm curious about the technical setup - one turntable and a microphone? CDJs? USB stick & mp3s? mobile phone, "Alexa" or "Siri"? Spotify? Tidal? Will he let the music tell a story, taking us on a "journey", or will he talk over or between his selections?

mentioning "journey" reminds me that this must be in "his bag"

Journey - Don't Stop Believin'


So wait a minute, he played the song I predicted? What do I win?
Why do you think he doesn't do the dance spelling it out with the letters, is it cos
a) those moves are too demanding for him? or
b) he can't spell YMCA?