Pandemic missed opportunities


I thought that a species level threat might just jar us into more conscious existence, but it has not.

Or at least some good jokes about "Bring out your dead" and people wandering about in plague mask cosplay, painting symbols on doors etc
. Instead we had that NHS clapping for a bit, and rainbows ... so drippy. this could have been a big gothic panto

Yeah, a few wasted opportunities. Some naff public information posters with pics of blocky cartoon people, saying “Stay safe” and “Wash your hands”? Really needed a black and white photo of an agonised child on a ventilator, terror in his eyes (and a bat shadow over his face)…his screaming mum being held back by plague doctors…and DEATH DOESN’T DISTANCE in stark all-caps.

I dunno, I tried to make the most of it. Was fun walking around masked-up like I was in a ‘70s Panorama documentary on Millwall’s Treatment mob, and listening to dodgy anarcho-goth about London being destroyed and the dead bursting out of their graves. Anyway, I think the top missed opportunities were 1) killing off celebrity cringe culture once and for all – I thought we were getting close after the general mockery of those ponces hiding in their mansions, singing "Imagine", but it didn’t last… 2) the rewilding of the UK.


there were all sorts of rewilding stories to begin with about herds of deer in the high streets and grass growing up between the cobbles
unfortunate that it turned out to be a car-friendly pandemic


lots of missed opportunities fwith the masks - no fucker is wearing one on ldn transport any more
very few people styled it up or made any statement with the masking. i did see a woman with a cat pattern mask and a matching bag today, but anyway


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Bionic steve takes a train

first time been on fucking train since llke that covid shit bro

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mask on the train I'm shook bro...

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can't keep fuckin' mask on, too nice for that

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i was in a gallery this afternoon and one of the paintings involved, as a minor detail, someone sleeping with a covid mask pulled up over their eyes