Invisible Sounds on Threads Radio with guest Lena Willikens 1500 April 24th (ie NOW!)


This month our Threads show is going out early at 1500 UK/Portugal time, it's an extract from when Lena Willikens came to play for us. The first gig was a rocking one at Arroz, the second a more chilled out affair at Cosmos - check the player below, as ever our show is on Threads* on the right. The first 40 mins (approx) is Liza, then 40 minutes of Ana Pacheco and then 40 mins of Lena...

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In fact listening to this now and (I think I can say this seeing as I had no actual part in it) it sounds really good. Recalls the evening in fact too, whole place was full - and many of our good friends in attendance - with such a great vibe, I dancing round with a (more than) slightly tipsy Lena who was grinning like a loon.


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isn't today March 24, not April 24?

if not, I'm really behind with work.